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New Album / Tour

Wow, it's been forever since anyone posted here.

I've recently been to the website, and thay have 3 video clips from the new "Doomtroopin" DVD, which look and sound amazing. Plus they have two tracks from the new album "Shot To Hell", and thay sound as good as anything Zakk has done. 

I live in Grand Haven, MI, and some friends and I want to go see the November 10 show at the Congress Theater in Chicago, at 2135 N. Milwaukee Ave. My question is: what would be the best way to get there? Also, are there any hotels to stay at nearby, or would we have to try to stay closer to downtown for that? Any info would be appreciated. Cheers!
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I actually saw BLS at the Congress this past November. I'm TRYING to remember if I saw any hotels around the area, and I wanna It was pretty residential, if I remember correctly (we got there really early and spent most of the time trying not to get poured on by the rain :-\). Couldn't tell ya for sure the best way to get there, either, as I NEVER drive downtown. So, in essence, this information probably will be of no use to you, but I just had to put my two cents in :-) Hope somebody can help ya out with this!
That's alright. How is the sound there? We saw them in Grand Rapids, MI at the Orbit Room last April, and although it only fits 1800 people, the sound was amazing.
Oh, the sound was great. No complaints there, whatsoever. This place too is a smaller venue as well, I think about the same size as what you describe. Should be nothing short of an excellent time :-)